Sanctions and Embargos



Austrian and international companies in Austria and their business partners are facing numerous challenges and numerous risks in the current sanctions environment. The sanctions which have been imposed since February 2022, are difficult to apprehend fully and many situations may not be clearly answered in light of manyfold ambiguities in the legal texts.

The sanctions imposed include the following restrictions:

  • Movement of goods and provision of services
  • Access to capital and financial markets
  • Payment transactions

In order to avoid sanctions violations that could not only result in high administrative penalties but which may also be prosecuted in court we are happy to assist you:

  • Analysis of your transactions and circumstances in light of the sanctions regime
  • Applying for individual exemptions and licenses
  • Assisting with question of locking or unlocking frozen business accounts
  • Sanctions monitoring – EU, US and UK
  • Due diligence of business partners

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We are dealing with the Austrian sanctions authorities on a daily basis


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We have a strong CIS desk with Austrian and CIS qualified lawyers. We know your particular needs and are ready to help you.

Lukas Röper

Lukas Roeper is one of Austria’s leading experts in providing legal advice and transactional services to international and domestic clients with more than 15 years of experience in international banks, law firms and commercial law firms. Before establishing rk partners, he and the team moved to PHH from PwC, where he was head of the Financial Services division. Previous positions include those of General Counsel, Regulatory SPOC, Corporate Secretary and Head of Participations at international banks and he held various supervisory board positions. He is a university lecturer and frequent speaker at events and seminars.

Lukas advises clients in all areas of sanctions and embargo laws. Lukas has a particular focus on advising banks and bank’s clients in relation to frozen assets. His background in banks particularly serves his clients. He is regularly representing clients before regulators. Lukas has a further strong focus on the peculiarities of oil and gas sanctions as well as general import and export restrictions.

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Sanctions and Embargos

Attorney specialised in sanctions and embargos

Sanctions are an important tool that governments use to exert pressure on other countries for a variety of reasons, including political disagreements, human rights violations or economic policies. In recent years the use of sanctions has become increasingly common. This resulted in uncertainties for many companies as well as the need for quick decision making. As attorneys specialized in sanctions and embargos we help clients navigate these complex legal situations.

Sanctions Advice for Corporations

When it comes to sanctions against countries like Russia, we can help clients in several ways. As attorneys specialised in sanctions we first and foremost provide guidance on the legal framework surrounding sanctions, including the relevant laws and regulations, as well as any guidance issued by the relevant government agencies. This is essential for clients who may be subject to sanctions or who may be actively doing business or are considering doing business with sanctioned entities.

One of the primary challenges of navigating sanctions is the fact that they can be highly complex and may change on a moments notice. We keep our clients up to date on the latest developments, including changes to sanctions regimes and new designations of sanctioned individuals and entities. Our clients benefit from our deep understanding of the legal and political dynamics that underpin sanctions, as well as the ability to quickly analyse and interpret new developments as they arise.

Lawyers specialised in Sanction Licences

Another important role we take as lawyers specialised in sanctions and embargos is to help our clients navigate the various licensing regimes that may be in place. These regimes can allow for certain types of transactions or activities that would otherwise be prohibited under sanctions law. These laws and regulations can be highly specific and require careful analysis and planning to ensure compliance. We help clients identify the appropriate licenses, complete the necessary application processes, and ensure ongoing compliance with the terms of the license.

In addition to these more technical aspects of navigating sanctions, we also provide strategic advice to our clients on how to manage the broader risks associated with doing business in sanctioned countries or with sanctioned entities. This can include advice on possible reputational damages, political risks, and other factors that may impact our clients ability to successfully navigate the current sanctions landscape. Thanks to our expertise in international trade and investment law we also provide guidance on alternative markets or investment opportunities that may be available to a client looking to diversify his portfolios or reduce their exposure to risks stemming from sanctions.

Law Firm specialised in International Sanction Law based in Vienna

As a law firm based in Austria – Vienna specialised in sanctions we understand the sometimes critical situations companies can face when suddenly confronted with embargos as the stakes are high for both individuals and companies that run afoul of these legal regimes. By providing sound legal advice, staying up to date on the latest developments, and offering strategic guidance on how to manage the risks associated with sanctions, we help clients to navigate these complex legal regimes while still achieving their business objectives.